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#1 Bestselling Business Author and Strategic Business Coach Machen MacDonald


XLR8 Your Business Success


Sign up for one of the most impactful DIY coaching programs on the web that has helped thousands of advisors, consultants, and small business owners breakthrough their current upper limits by eliminating what holds them back and stepping into their full potential.

Develop a proven business acceleration success action plan and get started on achieving your goals now.

How The Program Works:

Because this is a DIY course you can obviously go at whatever pace you would like, and I recommend using the same 8 week time frame the live course uses. Basically, you will pick one SPECIFIC goal to focus on achieving by the end of the 8 weeks that will help you more fully develop your business. Your goal could be money related - like making $100,000 in 90 days or health related - like dropping a certain amount of weight to feel better and have more energy to do what you know you need to do to take your business to the next level. It may be to write a book to better position yourself as an expert to bring in more opportunities. Deep down you know the goal that you MUST figure out how to achieve. It's the one that scares you the most. It's also the one that by going after it will change your life forever!

Weekly Video Coaching - Each week you get one or more videos where I walk you through a series of different processes designed to help you with things such as planning out your goals, improving your time management skills, how to access your confidence in any situation, strengthening your ability to focus on what's most important, moving through fear, eliminating excuses, being accountable, holding others accountable.

Weekly Horizon of Focus Sheets - Each week you'll reinforce the lessons in the videos and laser in on how they apply to your personal process by writing your observations down. IMPORTANT NOTE: The homework you will be assigned each week is strategically formulated to keep you focused on what you need to do to achieve your goal. You will not be asked to do mindless exercises that waste your time.

Recorded Q & A Calls with Machen - Every two weeks for the duration of the program, you will get to listen in on recordings of coaching sessions from past live groups. These recordings tend to be very valuable resources because the people on the calls are going through the same process you are. Many of their questions will be similar to ones you might have. Something that might take you weeks to figure out on your own could be solved in minutes on one of these recordings.

Weekly Motivational Messages in Your In-Box - Each week you will receive timely inspiration you can count on to maintain your winning attitude or lift you up during any adversity.

Dedicated FaceBook Private Group - Interact with other professional salespeople, and small business owners and get questions answered and new insights in real time.

Here's What You Can Expect:

Through 8 Weeks of Virtual Coaching Sessions...

STOP the Cash Flow Roller-coaster and Significantly and Predictably Grow Your Revenues.

Run Your Business With More Efficiency and Effectiveness and feel more organized.

Discover How You Can Easily Enroll More of Your IDEAL Clients to Hire You.

Dramatically Increase Your Confidence by Knowing How to Step into Your Full Potential on a More Consistent Basis.

Understand How You Can Extinguish the Strangle-Hold of Your Fears So You Can Take the Necessary Actions to Grow Your Business.

Develop More Certainty and Capacity to Know You Can Handle Any Situation

Become More Focused and Improve Your Overall Effectiveness.

Manage Your Time Like a BOSS! Get More Done in Less Time. Be More Productive.

Start Doing What You Know You Need To Be Doing When You Need To Be Doing It! End Procrastination.

Learn How You Can Uninstall Your Limiting Beliefs That Have Been Holding You Back and Install More Empowering Beliefs That Will Move You Into The Right Action To Grow Your Business.

Identify, Develop and Lock In Strong Business Building Habits and Rituals to Reboot Your Sustainable Success.


1 Payment of $297

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Is This For You?...

If you find yourself getting excited about what you've just read, then your first step is to ask yourself these three critical questions:

Am I willing to really let go of what has been holding me back...even if I may not consciously be aware of what that has been?

Am I now ready to accept in the success and good fortune I know deep down I deserve?

Finally... Am I willing to "get messy," feel awkward at times, maybe even make some mistakes to endure the growing pains and learning curves to becoming the full potential version of me?

If you answered these three questions with an absolute "Hell Yes!" , then these 8 weeks are exactly what can slingshot you to your ultimate success and peace of mind.

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Here is what the 8 week program looks like:

Each Weekly Session is designed to build on top of the other to easily and effectively get you to the top of your success mountain

Session 1: Building and Conditioning Your Success Foundation

Session 2: Facing and Erasing Your Fears That Hold You Back From The Success You Deserve

Session 3: Activating Your Will Power and Your 9 Environments to Increase Your "Belief-Ability"

Session 4: Getting Crystal Clear and Creating a Compelling Future for You and Your Business

Session 5: Elevating Your Business Through the Magic of Authentic Marketing

Session 6: Enrolling Ideal Clients with More Ease & Unleashing the Flow of Favorable Introductions.

Session 7: S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. and Effective Time Management to Get More Done in Less Time

Session 8: Success Integration and Future Pacing

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#1 Bestselling Author and Business Coach

A Note From Machen:

Are you ready to end the ongoing frustration and dramatically accelerate the growth of your business while having more fun? Are you ready to step into your power and operate from your full potential?

Figuring out how to navigate the markets & economy while setting & achieving your goals can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming. Why not dramatically enhance your ability to dial in the business you really want for yourself? If you feel you could benefit from more support, want accountability and to know someone has your back helping you get crystal clear about your goals and challenge you to achieve them sooner rather than later, then I want to invite you to commit to yourself and play full on, in my 8 week Business Accelerator.

As your coach I refuse to buy into your old self-limiting stories. I will always hold you in your full potential so you can see who you really are and that you deserve to succeed!

Here's to your continued success!

Coach Machen

You Also Get:

Access to Machen's Library of templates and worksheets to assist you in navigating and developing critical business building processes and systems.

($2,500 Value)

Open Coaching GYM. Fine tune your plans & processes during your 8 week adventure.

($1,000 Value)

Access to the XLR8er Online Community. Learn from others in the program and share your wins also. ($250 Value)

Ongoing daily motivation moments from Machen to keep you engaged in building your success. ($Priceless)

Return on Investment (ROI). Imagine onboarding a minimum of 4 new IDEAL clients during the 8-weeks you otherwise would not have acquired.

($ 4 X lifetime value of your best client)

Online access to our Accountability Score Card Platform. Track your progress during the 8 weeks to see the dramatic growth of your business right before your eyes.

($500 Value)

Game Changing Awareness! Motivation to Take Action! Accountability! And Much, Much More.


Over $5,000 in coaching goodness and resources.

Machen's Clients Pay $2,700 per month to have him as their Personal Coach and Mentor.

You get access to Machen's wisdom and insights for two months for a fraction of what others have paid to work with him. For 8-Weeks you will have access to Machen's business winning methodologies so you can work at your individual pace to grow your business and raise your game.

Take a breath, and think for a moment... what it would be worth to you to finally have a solid business action plan & predictable marketing plan that brings in more IDEAL clients every month, along with the confidence, motivation, and energy to really make it happen without the overwhelm and uncertainty you have been swimming in up until now. It can be yours.

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

If you don't do anything different than what you are currently doing, this is as good as it's going to get.

Isn't now the right time to invest in yourself to grow your business?

One Payment of $297

Develop the right thinking and winning success habits to build the business you desire and be able to sustain its growth and productivity AND have live a life that inspires you.

Our Policy

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By registering for the XLR8-DIY Coaching Program, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


I am ready to let go of what holds me back and play full on by stepping into my full potential to get what I really want.

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