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You are only moments away from experiencing your Focused Advisor Breakthrough package which includes critical information that will help you succeed more easily and with less struggle so you can more easily grow your practice.

It starts with the MindScan Success Assessment which is the best tool I've found to help advisors accelerate their success, grow their practice, and achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.

It is a great first step to accelerate the growth of your practice and design the life of your dreams.

~ Coach Machen

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Focused Advisor Breakthrough

Here's what you get...

A Full Comprehensive Report of Your Personal MindScan Success Assessment -

All success starts with intentional successful thinking which affects positive and resourceful emotions that drive inspired and powerful actions to bring about your desired result or outcome. The MindScan is a unique success assessment that reveals how you think and evaluate yourself and the world around you. It provides an awareness with regards to your areas of clarity and strengths so you can lead from your full potential and dramatically improve the probability of achieving even greater success in your business and in life. [$500 Value]

60 Minute Focused Laser Coaching Session -
On this coaching call we will focus on the most critical impact area on which you decide. Working together we will discover and design what it will take for you to breakthrough and get you the results you want for yourself and your business. Using the results of your MindScan together with the precisely identified area of critical impact we will formulate a Tactical Action Plan to provide you the clarity, certainty, and confidence to achieve your breakthrough. [$400 Value]

30 Minute Accountability Follow up Session -

It's one thing to have a plan. It's another to execute on it. In order for the plan to work you must step up and do what it takes to see it through. That's what this session is all about. It is your success support and accountability system. This is where I will have your back! This session will be scheduled 1-3 weeks out based on the initial Focused Laser Coaching Session. We will review key milestones and learnings you achieved as a result of the Focused Laser Coaching Session. We will also look at where any slips, bumbles, and setbacks may have occurred, what caused them and what you need to do to move past them and keep on your path. Your next level of success is a journey. The knowledge you will gain from taking the MindScan, developing a Tactical Action Plan, and being held accountable to your success will assure you experience the best journey possible. [$200 Value]

Others have paid more than $1,000 for this same exact package. You NOW have access to this breakthrough package for only $749. That's a 25% savings.

Focused Advisor Breakthrough!

It all starts with you becoming aware of how you think...

MindScan Success Assessment

Here is your opportunity to take the MindScan Success Assessment.

Discover how you can step more fully into your true and full potential.

Specifically identify what you need to focus on first that will have the biggest impact on your progress.

Understand how you can avoid what has been holding you back.

Be accountable to your success and enjoy the process.

Gain the clarity, certainty, confidence, and capacity necessary to take your practice to the next level...


Focused Advisor Breakthrough!


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"Your real power is in being willing to let go of what you think you know. Here's to your continued success."

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